Recma, the house of quali-scores The House of Quali-scores


We work for themRECMA research includes a wide range of rankings and reports dedicated to the media industry professionals.

recma develops different services and research for:

Media agencies in 70 countries

who are using our rankings of their Activity in media buying, planning, digital and diversified channels, as well as their local Qualitative evaluations.

International advertisers

who are using our research to track and watch their competitors' media strategy and partnerships and optimize their media portfolio.

New-biz team

in media agencies and Groups to manage their pitches

Global HQ

To monitor the competition and get credentials

Media auditors

and consultants for media pitches

Media vendors

and internet advertising giants, Google, Facebook, Snapchat etc

Recma provides to these companies


The Quali-scores of 700 media agencies worldwide, twice a year.


Local agency rankings in Activity volume, in strength in Digital Experts and grades in wins -departures balance.


Online database disclosing the partnerships between agency and advertiser along with their adspends over 4 years in +55 countries.