Recma, the house of quali-scores The House of Quali-scores


How do we evaluate agencies?RECMA evaluates 900 agencies worldwide, with a unique way to process the data.

Robustness and accuracy of RECMA’s data Experience

RECMA has been created in 1991 and has a long experience in collecting, cross-checking and validating data. Through the year, we have created long-standing and trusting relationships with local networks.


We rely on a field force of 20 researchers who are in direct contacts with the local networks in 60 markets on a daily basis. Additionally, we are also in direct conversation with all media Group HQ to validate, discuss and adjust the data.

A team of 20 researchers

with a robust training in all the aspects of the media agency industry


Every information through multiple sources before publication (local agencies, local advertisers, local press…)

Ensuring freshness

of the data thanks to daily contacts and updates of our databases.

qualitative evaluation

RECMA is the only global research company that evaluates media agencies worldwide. As a rating agency we deliver a qualitative evaluation of media agencies based on 19 criteria in 45 countries. These criteria are not financial but marketing, reflecting agencies’ capabilities.


This unique research provides an external audit of advertiser’s media agency portfolio. As it goes beyond the simple measure of volume, the qualitative evaluation is a highly effective way for assessing agencies by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.


We assess agencies based on two sets of criteria: Vitality & Structure


9 criteria for evaluating agency Vitality


10 criteria for evaluating agency Structure


For each of these 19 criteria, the data distribution enables to give strength points (values +2 pts or +1 pts) and weakness points (in red valued minus one point).


Best scored agencies are classified as Dominant, followed by high, good and average profiles. With two assessments per year, the Qualitative Evaluation enables to benchmark agencies over a 3-year period and determines its trends. Additionally RECMA produces Quantitative reference reports (Overall Activity Volume) and New Business tools useful for all marketing professional.


Integrity, we are independently-owned and neutral when we assess all the competitors

Accuracy, because we build extensive bases of granular, verified data

Creativity for defining relevant metrics with the consensus of the industry

Consideration & fairness in the relationships with the 700 agencies we meet face-to-face every year.