Recma, the house of quali-scores The House of Quali-scores


About RECMARECMA research includes a wide range of rankings and reports dedicated to the media industry professionals.


Founded in June 1991, in Paris, RECMA is the only independent company to publish a wide range of media agency notation reports on a global scale.


The mission of RECMA is to provide strategic intelligence reference tools to help the top 500 global advertisers in their decision-making and agency sourcing.


RECMA collects and analyzes data from more than 1400 media agencies in 90 countries.



Albérique de Préval

CEO & Head of finance

Based in Paris

Eudes Delafon

Founder & Director of Research

Based in Paris


Philippine Lelong

Head of Advertiser Departement Sales Director

Based in Paris

Charles Pasquier

Senior Sales Manager, Global Analyst

Based in Paris

Emeline Feijan

Global Analyst


Based in Paris


Vladimir Chetochine

Research Director, Sales Director USA

Based In Phoenix, Arizona

Fulbert Billaudot

Research Director

Based in Paris

Caroline Montane

Senior Global Analyst


Based in Paris

Mickael Moriot

Junior Analyst

Based in Paris


Marie Dugas

Regional Director EMEA, Sales Director for Audits, Consultants and Media Owners

UK, France, Italy

Based in Paris

Michèle Le bris

Regional Director, Sales Director APAC

China, Thailand, S.Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Based in Bangkok

Francisco Arica-Cruz

Regional Director LATAM

USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador

Based in Rio and New York

Murray Douglas

Regional Director

Ireland, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana

Based in the UK


Louis Delafon

Sales Manager for local media agencies, Regional Researcher


Based in Paris

Mylena Abbouche

Regional Researcher

Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia

Based in Paris

Béatrice Goursaud

Regional Researcher

Russia, Czech Republic,Ukraine, Bielorussia, Moldavia

Based in Paris

Mathilde Delaveau

Regional Researcher

Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Senegal, Ivory Coast

Based in Paris

Maximilien Séguineau

Regional Researcher

Greece, Kazakstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Based in Paris

Amine Benhmade

Regional Researcher

India, Middle East & North Africa, Turkey

Based in Paris

Loïc Le Goff Rajoharison

Regional Researcher

Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Malaysia, Philippines

Based in Paris

Antoni Konczynski

Regional Researcher

Canada, Poland,Israël, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Based in Paris

Jean-Loup Arthaud

Regional Researcher

Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand

Based in Paris


Céline Glatard

Head of Planning

Based in Paris

Cyril Martinelli

Head of Editing & Design

Based in Paris