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Founded in June 1991, in Paris (France), RECMA is the only independent company to publish a wide range of media agency notation reports on a global scale. 

The mission of RECMA is to provide strategic intelligence reference tools to help the top 500 global advertisers in their decision-taking and agency sourcing.

RECMA collects and analyzes data from more than 880 media agencies and 640 digital agencies in 50 countries.

The first global media report was published in 1999 and the first global digital guide was issued in 2005.

[June 29 ] which global agencies hold the highest industry shares including Digital & Diversified services ? And which ones have scored strong growth rates 2014 vs 2013 ?

[June 08] Which network performed better over 1 year according to the Network Diagnostics?
[May 19 ] Which network performed better in 2014 and over 3 years in Competitiveness in pitches?
+ 3-page Free Extract of the Compitches report 2014
[January 2015] What is the Networks/Groups profile towards the Top 140 Int'l Advertisers. Get answer in the Core Clients Profile

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