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Who currently benefits from the Global Network Rankings
Media Agencies Key Clients 2014 - 2015


RECMA currenlty works with 650+ agencies in 45 countries that are evaluated both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

See our Key Clients RECMA currenlty works with both global and local advertisers worldwide.

About RECMA's Global Network Rankings


Overall Activity Rankings (yearly)

This new report reveals which global agencies hold the highest activity industry shares including Digital & Diversified services in 2014 and forecasts 2015-2016.

The Overall Activity Rankings are available in 62 countries, and are updated yearly.

For a full list of the markets we cover or to learn more about this report, please email us.

Network Diagnostics - Qualitative Evaluation (3 editions / year)
The RECMA Qualitative Evaluation stands as the KEY metric to assess the competition on a local, regional, and global basis.

650+ agencies in 45 countries are evaluated according 16 to 19 criteria leading to a Quali-score for each agency.

Benchmark based on 3 periods: October 2015 / May 2015 / February 2014
Weighting factor considering the countries' sizes and advertiser priorities.

If you want to learn more about our local Qualitative Evaluation, please see here.

To learn more about this report, please email us.

Compitches Competitiveness in pitches (yearly)
For 2014, our in-depth research includes an analysis of 650+ media agencies scanned throughout 42 countries.

This represents 2 000 account moves declared with a list of contenders, then cross-checked and analysed according to the agencies' involvement.

For a full list of the markets we cover or to learn more about this report, please email us.

Specialized Resources (yearly)
This report aims to answer advertiser's request:
"Do media agencies have the same level of Resources?".

The report reveals not only differences in absolute numbers - whatever the metric retained is - but also for each network volume of activity (Billings) or qualitative score (points).

For a full list of the markets we cover or to learn more about this report, please email us

Core Clients Reports (quarterly)

Since 2012, RECMA has been publishing the annual Core clients report, which stands as the unique study focusing on the 150 world’s largest advertisers and their media agency partnerships.
This is the 4th edition.

The Core clients report includes four sections, Top 20 in portfolio, Rankings, Sector analysis, and the adspend distribution of the Core Clients.

To learn more about this report, please email us.

Pitch Cycle (quarterly)
A quarterly-updated database and analysis tool focusing on pitches conducted by International advertisers.

Ratings (points) assigned to the Groups or networks towards their performances in international pitches (480 in 30+ markets).

These ratings allow us to track the trends in terms of New Business Performance (NBP) quarterly.

We produce graphs showing the trends in NBP for the 14 networks
(from January 2012 to last update).

To learn more about this report, please email us.


Overall Activity Rankings

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Network Diagnostics 

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Compitches Competitiveness in pitches

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Specialized Resources

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Core Clients Reports

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Pitch Cycle

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